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2014-10-24 16:49:08
The composition and characteristics of the LED display control system

LED display screen control system (LED Display Control System), also known as the LED display controller, LED display control card. It is the core component, LED display responsible for receiving from the computer serial port or DVI interface picture and video display information, placement in the frame memory, LED display drive mode according to the partition is generated which can be identified by the serial display control sequence data and scanning.

LED display screen control system classification

LED display screen control system

LED panel asynchronous control system is also called the LED display offline control system or offline card. Mainly used to display a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation. Screen display information from the computer editing, frame memory through the RS232/485 serial port of Liaoning pre implantation of LED display screen display, then gradually play, move in circles, display colorful, varied. Its main features are: simple operation, low cost, wide in range of application. Liaoning LED display simple asynchronous control system can only display digital clock, text, special character. Jingmen LED display screen graphic asynchronous control system not only has the simple control system function, the biggest feature is zoned control display screen. Support analog clock display, countdown, pictures, tables and animation display. With a timer switch, temperature control, humidity control and other functions.

Synchronous control system of LED display screen

Synchronous control system of LED display screen, is mainly used to display real-time video, text, notice etc.. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large screen display screen. Monitor Jingmen LED display mode synchronous control system operation control of Liaoning LED display screen is equivalent to a computer, it takes at least 60 frames / second update rate little image corresponding to real-time mapping on a computer monitor, usually with multiple grey color display ability, can reach the multimedia advertisement effect. Its main features are: real-time, rich and expressive, the operation is complex, the price is high. A set of Jingmen LED display the same step control system in general by the transmitting card, receiving card, video card and DVI component.

LED display solutions supplier can provide LED display a full set of solutions for customers, to provide customers the best quality products. Service content includes: the combination of customer's actual situation and the specific needs, provide recommendation for LED display product model for the customer, the project budget overview, LED display products to the maximum to meet customer needs, and at the same time can take care of the budget of the client, so that the entire LED display project has real value for money. And to ensure that the scheme has the advantages of high reliability and applicability.

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