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2014-10-24 16:55:04
How to network marketing of LED Enterprises

General LED enterprise network marketing in two ways:

One, establish their own corporate Web site through the establishment of how their own corporate image, corporate culture to carry out network marketing website. This is the majority of enterprises will do. But not to do the enterprise website can let it go. How to let more target customers know you this site and then know you this enterprise is the key.

There are many kinds of network promotion methods, for advertising, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, event marketing, micro-blog, blog marketing, SNS marketing and so on are the common means of promotion. Here small make up think of advertising and marketing is the most efficient method. Of course, Baidu ranked bid for many small and medium sized LED enterprises is certainly cannot bear.

How to do with the minimum cost to obtain the greatest returns, Xiaobian tell you the most convenient, to lighting industry portal, here the polymerization of most enterprises in LED industry, many customers are often on this kind of industry portal to find suitable enterprise cooperation. The website advertising the most sought after, because the goal of the people most directly, the highest conversion rate, the enterprise to obtain the probability of potential customers will be greater.

Two, to the comprehensive site lighting industry registered to open my own space.

Some companies may feel that the construction of enterprise website, later the promotion investment is relatively large, expensive and time consuming. So might as well go to the lighting industry portal site registered as a VIP member, set up their own enterprises building standing on the portal site.

Lighting industry portal site weight high, Baidu, included fast, not easy to be Baidu K off. Enterprises in the above open web site can quickly be Baidu included, probability of search to the user is also high, but also from the enterprise own website Baidu is not included in the trouble. And cost than their own enterprise website construction to hire professional promotion personnel to promote enterprise to low.

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